Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation Inc. is an international organization established in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Founded in 2013, it all started in response to the acquittal of African-American teen Trayvon Martin’s killing.

Recently, the hashtag ‘Black Lives Matter’ went viral again when white police officers brutally killed an African-American man named George Floyd in June 2020.

What is the aim?

The aim of Black Lives Matter is to eliminate the white supremacy encouraging the feeling of discrimination among the whites and African-Americans. FBCI highly promotes and contributes to be a part of ‘Black Lives Matter.’ With this, Faith Based Cause Initiative looks forward to a world where African-Americans will no longer be targeted for brutal demise.

Black Lives Matter –

It is never enough to say ‘not be a racist’ or ‘do not harm other lives,’ but when it comes to implementing it, we see the real face of society. Here are some of the aspects and practices to contribute your efforts toward ‘Black Lives Matter.’

  1. Everyone must acknowledge and respect human rights beyond politics, skin color, favoritism, etc.
  2. People must come forward to show their massive support for black lives.
  3. There should be no discrimination based on skin color and an individual’s status in society.
  4. Everyone must validate the experience of people and support their voices towards this brutal discrimination.
  5. One must be a part of ‘Black Lives Matter’ initiative and promote it further.

We all have seen losing George Floyd, David McAtee, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and many other untold names. The world must come together stand as a united group and speak against such heinous acts which put a question mark on humanity.

So, come forward be an integral part of FBCI, stand by us, and we all will stand by our African-American folks treating them with love & respect, just as the way they deserve!

The final word –

Black Lives Matter is a movement showing the hidden hatred in society. Slowly and steadily, some toxic elements of society are poisoning everyone’s minds and thought processes. To eradicate such negative aspects, everyone must come forward and contribute towards a fair society with no discrimination, hate or differences.

Here, Faith Based Cause Initiative explores the different elements of the society, finds out ways how these can be improved to make the world a better and peaceful place to live in.

Be good and spread the love!

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