As the United States elections are about the corner, everyone is looking forward to the latest updates from the voting grounds. Recently, President Donald Trump advised the voters from North Carolina to show up individually and analyze the electoral system of the state.

So, what is the final resolution?

Voting Twice Is A Crime?

Soon after the President recommended to cast a vote via a ballot system, the secretary of state of Georgia said that he (President Trump) would conduct “to the fullest extent of the law.” So, at last, are people going to vote twice?

Is It Legally Fine?

According to the National Conference of State Legislature, more than 28 states expressed their concern regarding election voting twice and considered it as a crime. Not just these 28 states but the other statue prohibiting states also consider voting twice as a felony. However, they have not come forward to speak about it officially.

According to the federal law, “whoever votes more than once in an election” should be “imprisoned not more than five years, or both.”

Imprisonment After Voting Twice –

Both the federal and state government imposes penalties on the defaulter after voting twice. Apart from penalties, the criminal has to undergo imprisonment as well.

As the U.S. election is approaching, the secretary of state in Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, warned people about the full extent of latest Georgia law for voting. The law states to put the culprit the behind bars for at least 10 years besides paying a hefty amount of $100,000 as a penalty.

Following the same, Pennsylvania announced to a fine of $15,000 along with 7 years of imprisonment. All in all, voting twice is a crime.

Is the Current President Complicating the U.S. Elections?

Earlier, Mr. Trump suggested people go for voting via the mailing process. And now, recommended in-person voting. This has led to a conflict of statements raising the chances of confusion and voting evade.

Secretary of State of New Jersey, Tahesha Way said- “Casting more than one ballot is a crime that undermines our free and fair elections,”

She continued and stated – “No voter should commit an election crime to ‘test’ our system, because the system works, and they will get caught.”

FBCI explored and found that some are calling it a political stunt whereas others are considering it to be yet another suggestion by the President to simplify the voting process. Eventually, the actual result of these suggestions would be visible only at the time of elections.

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