Your "Living LifeLegacy" Matters * Sustainable Income * Revenues Share * Endowment Gift Contributions for Your Faith Organizations. Register for Fundraising Grant Support

Your Organization Benefits:
  • FUNDRAISING REVENUES – Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly
  • Annual Bonuses – up to $100,000
  • Endowment Deposits - $1,000 and up Member
  • E-Commerce - Enabling Donations and Contributions
  • Visual Programing - Livestreaming On-Demand Access
Your Members Benefits:
  • Confidential – health, risk assessment
  • Personal - health, wellness and fitness tech assistant
  • Immune System Support – holistic, organic, kosher, sugar free and FDA Certified products
  • Personal Health Solutions - weight loss, diabetes, blood/cholesterol and more…
  • A full line of Nutraceutical Supplements addressing over 200 health related symptoms including Pain Relief, Restful Sleep and Energy.
  • LifeLegacy Assurance – providing Guaranteed life, health, disability, illness, long-term care and Final Expenses
  • Essential Services and Quality of Life Benefits
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