Your "Living LifeLegacy" Matters * Sustainable Income * Revenues Share * Endowment Gift Contributions for Your Faith Based * Caused Based * Charitable Organizations. Register for Grants up to $10,000 and Fundraising Executive Director support.

Organization Benefits are as follows:
  • GRANT REVENUE - Weekly Membership Revenue Share
  • Annual Bonuses - $10,000 to $100,000
  • Endowment Deposits - $1,500 to $150,000 per Member
  • Coronavirus Wellness Center - FREE Testing
  • Facility Sterilization for Covid-19 Cleaning Abatement Support
  • Designer Website – Your Organizations logo, Vision, Mission, Core Values
  • E-Commerce - Enabling Donations, Contributions and Endowments
  • TV Visual Program - Dedicated TV and Podcasting for Your Organizations
YourLivingLifeLegacy Live Streaming & Broadcast Solutions
  • Virtual Events
  • Digital Web Portals
  • Virtual Fundraising
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Online Membership Solutions
  • Personal Branding Website
Members and their Families Benefits are as follows:
  • Custom Designed Personal "LifeLegacy" Assistant Technology
  • Health Wellness Risk Assessment
  • Immune System Support – Holistic * Organic * kosher and FDA Certified
  • Weight Loss, Diabetes And High Blood Pressure Solutions
  • 100% HEMP/CBD. 100% THC FREE providing solutions for pain relief, restful sleep and energy.
  • Guaranteed Funeral Costs and Family Survival Funds
  • Guaranteed Insurance for Life, Health, Disability, Illness and Long Term Care
  • Preferred Pricing on Essential Services and Quality Of Life Benefits
COMPLIMENTARY NO COST REGISTRATION for Faith, Cause, Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations


The Faith Based Cause Initiative provides you a Continuous Fundraising Program that delivers immediate and long-term revenues for your Faith, Cause, Charity and Ministry. Our revenue share, Bonuses and Grants support your Members Families and the Community.

Our Loan Executives assist you in reaching your
Fundraising Goal and assure you’ll surpass $100,000 building your Treasury throughout the month with Membership Revenue Share and Endowment Deposits up to $ 75,000 per Member.

We ensure your Staff and Members a Full Benefits Package with our “LifeLegacy Assistant” providing them access to over $500 in monthly savings and up to $150,000 in Guaranteed Insurance for Life, Health, Disability, Critical Illness and Long Term Care.