Monthly Health Share Membership Contributions are collected and put into a fund

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How Long Does it Take Zion Health to Process a Medical Need?

Typically, eligible reimbursement is made to Members or payment to the providers from the Benevolent Fund is completed within 5-7 days once all documentation has been received.

Can I Choose My Own Doctors And Hospitals Without Being Penalized?

Yes, Each Member’s personal freedom to select the medical providers of their choice is fundamental to Zion Health’s program. Zion Health endeavors to provide Members and current information and recommendations to help Members identify and receive treatment from the highest quality health provider(s). Accordingly, there are no “out-of-network” penalties or other restrictions.

Is There A Lifetime Or Yearly Maximum Amount That Is Eligible For Sharing For Any One Person Or Family?

There are no lifetime or annual maximum amounts eligible for sharing for most medical needs. There is no limit on the number of needs that an individual Member or household may have.