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A legacy is unavoidable. You can pass things to your children by instilling character, habits, hobbies, and skills in them. The most valuable legacy you can pass on to your children is faith based life legacy. Although every individual has the right to make their own decision, you can at least create an atmosphere where devotion blooms.

It is necessary for one generation to pass the legacy of faith to the next. People always spend countless hours into their children’s education, music lessons, dance classes, and sorting activities but lag in passing the legacy of faith. Therefore, you should constantly tell your kids about the long-term revenues for your faith.

Here are some ways to motivate your children and pass the legacy of faith to them:

  • Start with yourself:

If you want to prove your children the value of faith, you have to start it with yourself. Don’t be afraid to live your faith in front of your children. Tell them we are here to love God with all our hearts, soul, and strength. Teach your children to stay loyal to God.

  • Read bible stories daily:

We know life is hectic but make sure to make a daily routine of reading bible stories and play worship music. Remind your kids of the importance of God and what they have done for us. Your goal is to make faith a natural part of your kids rather than just saying. There is nothing more important as a parent to pass the legacy of faith to your children.

  • Pray regularly with your kids:

Praying is an essential way to acknowledge God’s presence in your life and family. Always make a habit of praying with your kids. Pray in the morning, pray at dinner time and pray at bedtime. Thank God for giving you a healthy life and a healthy body. This regular prayer will teach your kids the importance of God, and you can easily pass the legacy of faith to them.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to pass the legacy of faith to your children. Few are mentioned above. There are also life legacy assistants who are designed to provide a complete benefits program that empowers organizations of faith, cause, and charitable mission to offer benefits to their members.

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