Apart from taking a toll on business and employment graph, the coronavirus has taken away more than 1 million lives. And now, the researchers predict a challenging phase waiting for the world.

Resulting, the world’s best epidemiologists are pondering over the short and long-term predictions to reduce the impact of these pandemic times. Although, the estimates may vary but seems like the novel coronavirus is to exist forever.

The forthcoming impact of COVID-19 –

According to modellers, coronavirus is not leaving the world of humans quickly. Here the Faith Based Cause Initiative explores, its impact and existence depends on factors like – how seriously people are treating it, what are the government’s implementations to control it on a mass level, how aware people are about it, weather change, etc.

On this, Rosalind Eggo, an Infectious-Disease Modeller from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, says – “A lot of places are unlocking, and a lot of places aren’t. We don’t really yet know what’s going to happen,”

What is the future of COVID-19?

Although this deadly virus has made people see the worse at the same time, it forced the humankind to adopt innovation, bring a much-required change in their lives and create a better world to live in.

Here are some most frequent and welcomed changes we see –

  1. Contactless communications and respecting social distancing is the new hotshot.
  2. People are inclining more towards technology and digital meet-up platforms like Zoom, Skype, etc. Here, FBCI explores Zoom witnessed a jump of 70% in no. of active users in a month.
  3. In recent times, the involvement of IoT has increased to a considerable extent. Faith Based Cause Initiative illustrates GPS data tracking as one of the biggest examples of real-time data usage.
  4. Undoubtedly, AI is complimenting human beings endeavours in the present circumstances well. Its potential is proof that it might help in developing COVID-19 vaccine faster while enabling an AI world with stronger infrastructure.
  5. Robots are not susceptible to viruses which makes them a preferred choice to initiate physical work or mobility, especially during COVID-19 pandemic.

The Concluding Words –

Coronavirus continues to leave a lasting impact on each individual’s life. From declining business graphs to increasing health concerns, the world is experiencing the adverse effects of COVID-19. To this, FBCI and researchers explore these changes may exist depending on each individuals’ actions.

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