Life Legacy Assurance Coverage

We at FBCI, provide Life Legacy assurance to you and your family guaranteeing stress-free and less expensive living. We are committed to improving the lives of the American people. Insurance saves someone’s bacon when there is a situation such as hospitalization or accident or loss of an asset. 

We at FBCI, believe that health insurances are the contract between the businesses and the policyholder. As a result, one can get compensation for their medical costs including a secure and cashless transaction even in the operation required for the accidents or the diseases that are mentioned in the policy. Alongside, one can get exemptions on tax on the bonuses paid for the insurance policy.

We understand one’s concern about their family’s well-being. One raising their family while maintaining the financial level is something that one can do with a monthly wage. But a sudden occurrence of an accident or health-related problem can affect one’s pocket adversely therefore we, as an industry leader, offering various insurances for the safety and security of one’s life and property. While you’re treating your loved ones in a hospital, we take care of the expenses and help you have a stress-free recovery.

We employ an expert team of professionals who help one understand the terms and conditions of the policy and make one fill the form according to criteria. We offer services such as:

  1. Guaranteed life insurance for seniors 
  2. Legacy life insurance
  3. Life insurance charity trust
  4. Life insurance for children
  5. Life insurance for a church
  6. Life insurance for family
  7. Life insurance for seniors
  8. Life insurance for women, etc.


While enrolling for the Life legacy assurance program,  one must make sure that they must be aware and comply with the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy. Enrolling in an insurance program can bring various benefits with a safe and secure transaction. Other benefits are listed below: 

  1. Income tax benefits: one can get various discounts on the payment to the insurance policy. 
  2. Hospitalization in every city: the insurance policy has widespread recognition. One can get admitted to any hospital throughout the nation and the policy can still work and pay for the policyholder.
  3. Pre and post-hospitalization coverage: The policy covers many aspects such as admission, emergency services, operation, post-hospitalization treatments, etc.
  4. Medical emergency coverage: Medical emergencies may include sudden heart attack, stroke, breathing problems, and accidents. Admissions like these cost a heavy amount and stress, so here we are covering medical emergencies under our policies to avoid the stoppage of medications due to late payments. 
  5. Alternative treatment coverage: One may avoid the allopathy and switch themselves to undergo other alternate treatment, we have coverage for that too.
  6. Online purchase of insurance: one can visit us through our website and mail us their query. We reply within 24 hours and assist one in getting suitable insurance coverage. 
  7. Renew and buy policies online: To renew the pre-existing policy, one does not need to reach us physically. We provide efficient services online to eliminate one’s efforts in renewing a policy.
  8. Homeownership insurance: We also provide insurance for one to curb damages and losses to their immovable properties. 

 While we at Faith Based Cause Initiative welcome you to have benefits of our Lifelegacy Assurance program, we ensure you have a smooth experience and stress-free living.  

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